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Malta Tax Residence - MRP & MGRP
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Malta Residence Programme


Eligibility Criteria


The Malta Residence Programme (MRP) is a programme designed to attract EU and non-EU nationals who are not permanent residents of Malta.  The programme requires applicants to satisfy the following criteria:

  • Pay an application fee of Eur6,000 or Eur5,500 if property is in South of Malta;

  • Own a Maltese qualifying property which is:

    • purchased for a minimum of Eur275,000 or where such property is in the South of Malta or Gozo the qualifying property must be purchased for a minimum Eur220,000; or

    • Lease a Maltese qualifying property for minimum annual rent of Eur9,600 or if leased in the south of Malta it is rented for a minimum annual rent of Eur8,750;

  • Applicant does not stay in another jurisdiction for more than 183 days in a year;

  • Receives a stable and regular income sufficient to support himself and his dependents without recourse to the Maltese social assistance system;

  • Possesses a valid travel document;

  • Possesses sickness insurance for himself and his dependents in respect of all risks for the entire EU;

  • Is able to communicate adequately in Maltese or English;

  • Is a fit and proper person; and

  • Is not a beneficiary under any of the other Maltese Special Residence Rules.



Malta benefits


  • Applicable taxation will be as follows:

    • 15% on foreign sourced income remitted to Malta 

    • 35% on other income chargeable to tax in Malta (such as dividend or interest from Malta sources)

    • Eur15,000 minimum annual tax (including that for dependants)

    • Foreign tax relief claim entitlement;

  • EU residence card which offers visa-free travel within Schengen area;

  • 5-year permanent residence, renewable indefinitely;

  • Taxed only on Maltese source income and remitted income;

  • Excellent quality of life; and

  • Good connections to main air-ports.

Malta Global Residence Programme

As a variant to the Malta Residence Programme, this programme is aimed at non-EU, non-EEA and non-Swiss nationals who are also not long-term Malta residents.

Another difference from the Malta Residence Programme is that in case of property purchased, its value is to be at least Eur220,000 in case it is in the South of Malta, Eur250,000 in case of Gozo or Eur275,000 for the rest of Malta.

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