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ICO Whitepaper

The appointed Agent will ensure that the whitepaper is adhering to the necessary laws and regulations and will act as the liaison with the MFSA.  The process leading to the issuance of the Whitepaper will follow these steps:

ICO Whitepaper, Fiducorp, Malta

Contents of the Whitepaper

The Whitepaper shall include the following:

  • Reason behind the initial offer

  • Technical description of the protocol, platform & application & their benefits

  • Sustainability & scalability of project

  • Challenges, risks & mitigating factors

  • Description of issuer, agent, development team, advisors & other service providers

  • Issuer’s wallet/s used

  • Security safeguards

  • Life cycle of the initial offering & proposed   project

  • Past & future milestones & project financing

  • Target investor base

  • Exchange rate of the cryptocurrency

  • Underlying protocol’s interoperability with other protocols

  • How funds raised through initial offer will be allocated

  • Amount of issue

  • Total number of cryptocurrencies to be issued and their features

  • Distribution

  • Consensus algorithm (where applicable)

  • Incentive mechanism and any applicable fees

  • In case of a new protocol, the estimated speed of transactions

  • Any applicable taxes

  • Any soft cap & hard cap

  • Period during which the offer is open

  • Any person underwriting or guaranteeing the offer

  • Any restriction on the free transferability of  cryptocurrency & the exchange/s to be traded on

  • Methods of payment

  • Notice that investors will be able to get back contribution if soft cap is not reached

  • Notice on risks

  • Procedure for the exercise of any pre-emption rights

  • Smart contract/s if any, protocols, costs, restrictions, auditors

  • Program agents used to obtain data & verify occurrences from smart contracts

  • Bonuses to early investors

  • Period during which voluntary withdrawals are permitted by smart contracts

  • Issuer’s adopted white-listing & AML & CFT  procedures in terms of PMLA

  • IP rights

  • Any time-limits for delivery of cryptocurrency.

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