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Licensed / Regulated Entities

Industry Serviced


Fiduscorp’s core business is the Formation and Management of Regulated &/or Licensed entities and other corporate and business structures.  For the Regulated &/or Licensed business, our services includes to the following:




Fiduscorp's senior management team are experts in the Licensed and Regulated business.  We understand this business since, apart from being advisors like most of the lawyers or accountants, more importantly we have international hands-on experience with multi-national companies and are thus able to  cover the necessary set-up and day-to-day operational management and regulatory aspects of the business.   


Our services includes the following:

  1. Legal set-up of entity with Malta Business Registry

  2. Licensing process with Malta FSA / Malta Gaming Authority

  3. Business Operational set-up 

  4. Drafting of Internal Policies & Procedures

  5. Day-to-day management of the business

  6. Filling of Regulatory Positions, including:

    1. Executive / Non-executive / Independent directors​

    2. Compliance Officer

    3. MLRO

    4. Risk Officer

    5. Internal Auditor

    6. Company Secretary

  7. Corporate, Accounting, Tax & Regulatory reporting

  8. Act as point of reference with MFSA/MGA at licensing stage & ongoing

  9. Assist clients before, during and after regulatory inspections

  10. License Passporting

  11. Registered office / physical offices.


Since we are offering a one-stop shop service, you will not need to engage various services providers and thus the process is more efficient and effective.  We thus offer cost-effective solutions.

Fiduscorp hold the highest of the Corporate Services Provider license, issued by the Malta FSA and its senior management team is also professionally qualified and approved by the Malta FSA and Malta Business Registry. 


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