Undertaking for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities
UCITS | Fiduscorp | Malta

UCITS are harmonized European retail fund products that can operate throughout the EU based on a single authorisation from one member state, if it follows certain notification procedures. UCITS offer a high degree of investor protection and are recognised by regulators worldwide.

UCITS are required to at least appoint


  • Custodian / Depositary having substance in Malta and authorised by the MFSA;

  • Manager when UCITS is third party managed (when UCITS is self-managed, it must be managed by a Company approved by the MFSA);

  • Compliance Office;

  • MLRO.

The Scheme’s HO and registered office are to be both established in Malta.​


UCITS main benefit is that once approved by an EU regulator, they can be marketed to both retail and institutional investors.  Malta-based UCITS wishing to market their units outside Malta must inform the MFSA of their intention and await confirmation that the host regulators have been notified.

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