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Malta Stock Exchange Listing

Updated: May 18, 2019

Explains the main reasons why a company may choose to list its equity, Malta as an EU listing option, the eligibility criteria and timing.

Why Listing

Why Malta

Malta Listing - Eligibility & Process

To be eligible to list equity securities on the Malta Stock Exchange, the applicant must be an incorporated company, having its Memorandum and Articles of Association in conformity with listing rules. This implies that its equity must be duly authorised in accordance with the applicant’s place of incorporation and be freely transferable.

The application for admission to listing is made to the Listing Authority within the Malta FSA. On authorisation, the financial instruments will become admissible to listing on the Malta Stock Exchange. The appointed Sponsor will submit the application, including a:

  • Copy of the Offering Memorandum for the approval by the Listing Authority;

  • Board resolutions authorising the issue.

The minimum market value of securities for Official Listing in Malta is €1,000,000 (issues of the same class are not subject to such limit), supported by an equivalent fully paid-up share capital (including preference shares but excluding redeemable preference shares). The shares for listing must account to at least 25% of the Class of Shares.

Such listing might be particularly attractive for small-medium sized companies wanting to internationalise or access the EU market.

Malta Stock Exchange Listing - Timeline


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