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Corporate (local & international)


  • Set-up and management of companies, partnerships and similar (including for licensed entities and also stock exchange listing)

  • Accountancy and Taxation

  • Employee engagements/visas & payroll

  • Registered office address

  • Acting as Directors

  • Acting as Company Secretary
  • Bank accounts opening (local & international)
  • Registering employees, including Visas & payroll

  • Audit & corporate legal (also through partners)

  • Consultancy on buying, selling or merging of businesses

Investment Funds


  • Structuring of investment vehicle, including any SPVs

  • Incorporation of legal structures

  • Drawing up of legal and regulatory documentation

  • Liasing with the Regulator

  • Legal and regulatory services

  • Directorship, IC Member*, Compliance Officer & MLRO; Company secretary & Registered office

  • Assistance with the selection of other service providers including integration with existing platforms (if needed)

  • Assistance to fund managers and their employees in optimising tax position



  • Structuring the necessary investment vehicle, including any other necessary SPVs

  • Incorporation of legal structures (core and cells)

  • Drawing up of the necessary documentation, including the Offering Document

  • Liaising with the Regulator

  • Assistance with the issuance of the financial instrument, including liaising with the Stock Exchange if it is listed

  • Management services (incl. accounting, legal, tax)

  • Directorship; Company secretary; Registered office
  • Assistance with the selection of other service providers, including integration with existing platforms (if needed)


  • Incorporation of corporate tax structure

  • Advisory to ICOs, STOs or Exchanges

  • Assistance in token classification and tokenomics

  • Whitepaper / prospectus finalisation

  • KYC guidelines

  • Project management

  • Technology build*

  • Exchange & payments solutions*

  • Marketing*

  • Malta Agent*

          * offered through business partners

Citizenship & Residence 
(Malta & International)

  • Application assistance to become a Malta citizen (passport)

  • Application assistance to take up residence in Malta (ID Card)

  • Assisting in finding the right property and the relocation

  • Assisting with your wealth management

  • Assisting with your business management, including:

    • Setting up a business in Malta

    • Re-domiciling a business to Malta

    • Managing an international business from Malta




  • Tax and VAT registration & compliance, consultancy & planning

  • Staff Tax & National insurance registration and compliance

  • Claiming tax refunds

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