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Updated: May 3, 2019

What is Securitisation

Securitisation is a flexible, efficient and low-cost way of raising capital. It is a type of structured financing in which a pool of financial assets with predictable cash flows or rights to future income streams is transferred from an Originator to a Cell or compartment within a Securitisation Vehicle. This Cell subsequently issues debt packages backed by the assets transferred and their future cash flows.

In Malta, the issuance of the debt can be done on a private placement basis or issued through a Stock Exchange as per below:

Main Parties involved in Securitisation

The main parties are the Investors, Originator, Obligor and the Securitisation Vehicle with its Cells. In addition the promoter will be appointing service providers depending on the business type in question.


Investors buy the securities issued by the Cell and are entitled to receive the repayments and interests and/or gains based on the cash flow generated by the underlying assets. The minimum amount per investor is of Eur100k or equivalent and investors should not be retail, with these typically being institutional ones such as pension funds, insurance companies, investment funds, family offices or HNWIs.

Securitisation Vehicle

A special law in Malta allows for the set-up of an entity which will be subscribed for by initial shareholders (the Core capital) and which can eventually issue an infinite number of compartments (Cells) through which securities will be issued. This is done in a cost and tax efficient way.


The Originator is the entity that assigns the assets or risks to the Cell. Originators include banks, captive financial companies, manufacturers, building companies, insurance companies, factoring and securities firms.


Obligors owe the Originator payments on the underlying loans, assets, etc and, depending on the contractual agreements, are usually ultimately reflecting the performance of the issued securities. As obligors are often not informed about the sale of their payment obligation, in many cases, the Originator maintains the customer relationship as service provider.

Advantages and Benefits of Securitisation

To Originator

  • Possibility of refinancing

  • Efficient and cost-effective access to capital markets

  • Minimise issuer-specific limitations on the ability to raise capital (example, no historical track record is required)

  • Ability to convert illiquid assets to cash or quoted instruments, this potentially improving the balance sheet position (particularly applicable to banks)

  • Diversification of funding sources, investor base and transaction structures

  • In case of private placements, legal documentation is light and quick, with lower costs

  • Complete mergers and acquisitions, as well as divestitures done more efficiently

  • Transfer risk to third parties

  • Decreases capital requirements for banks and insurance companies, allowing them to also buy back as investors, thus transforming the asset type on their balance sheet

  • Possibility to have credit enhancements through cell shares or capital notes

  • Particularly with a “true sale”, there can be positive impacts on the balance sheet, profit and loss account and cash flow of the Originator..

To Investors

  • Portfolio diversification in terms of yield, risk and maturity

  • Tailored sources of investments

  • Higher returns

  • Credit risk may be reduced through insurances and/or credit enhancements

  • Can also be the same Originator


  • Tax neutrality, with possible tax structuring

  • VAT is not applicable to core and essential activities to the management of the vehicle

  • Tax deferral possibility

  • Issue may be credit rated

  • Issue may include credit enhancements

  • Issue can be listed on an Exchange, dematerialised and/or tokenised, this facilitating transferability and sell-ability on the secondary market

  • Cells provide bankruptcy & creditors remoteness

  • Securities or tokens can be passported to qualified investors


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